With our Affiliate Challenge Program, you are given precise instruction and support for each step of every challenge you run. We don’t hand you a curriculum and say good luck. We’re in it with you for the long haul and are committed to growing your influence and reach alongside you.

The structure of the program has been tried and refined several times over. You won’t have to work out the kinks. We already have and will be here to guide you in maximizing your efforts in a program that will eventually spread like wildfire across your community all on its own, making you money and getting you the members you may have never reached. All business owners know that word of mouth referrals and excitement around the products and services offered are the best ways to grow.

On average, our program and system will bring in a minimum of twenty-five (25) people and we have seen up to ninety-nine (99) participants. We do not recommend more than fifty (50) unless additional coaches are available to assist with training.

We see that 80% of challengers that complete the program will convert to gym membership when the program we have designed is implemented correctly.

Any gym owner or fitness professional that is motivated to truly grow their business, expand their memberships, and build a stronger community should contact us about how to get started!

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