Our Coaches

Sarah Ingraham a Spartan SGX coach as well as a certified nutrition coach.

Sarah Ingraham

Meet coach Sarah, a mother of four with a passion for nutrition and fitness. Sarah is our head nutrition coach as well as a strength and conditioning and certified obstacle corse training specialist. She is CrossFit Level 1 & 2 certified and is a active certified Spartan SGX coach.

Sarah has traveled all over the United States, Europe and Asia competing in Spartan obstacle course racing and endurance event like the Iceland Spartan Ultra & Spartan AGOGE.

 She even holds a first place age group finish in the Spartan Hawaii Ultra, this is a 50K with 60+ obstacles in the mountains of Kualoa Ranch. 

I would say she is a great one to have at your side when looking to reach your nutrition and fitness goals. 

Teddy Rojas, endurance athlete, entrepeneure, and CrossFit coach.

Teddy Rojas

What's up! Yes..., it's me, coach Teddy! I once weighed in at over 260lb..., it's crazy for me every time I say it out loud.

About 12 years ago I decided to change my life one step at a time starting with my health. I happened to stumbled into a local CrossFit gym looking for guidance and within 6 months of clean eating and hard work at the I had lost over 60lbs..., I was hooked and wanted to learn more!

I knew I wanted to help others reach their nutrition and fitness goal, after years of training and working for other gyms, I decided to open my own gym and continue the journey on my own terms.

So on August 6th 2013 I got the keys to a 600 square foot building and started to build. My thought behind the name Artillery Outlaws Strength & Condition is simple..., I will arm you with the proper fitness "Artillery" to win the war and reach your goals.

So you ask..., Outlaws? What's that about?

Easy, I am a outlaw! I believe we all have a little outlaw inside of us. 

While on my journey of learning and trying to be the best me I can be I have become a certified nutrition coach, certified CrossFit Level 1& 2 coach, Spartan SGX coach, Spartan obstacle training specialist, Ironman in training and finisher of multiple endurance events.

Since my first spartan race in 2014 I have been working hard to become a competitor in the Spartan Elite category.

 I am still on the journey..., working hard in my age group category I was able to earn a 1st place finish in 2019 at the  San Louis Obispo Spartan Ultra and a 3rd place finish in Hawaii at the Spartan Ultra at Kualoa Ranch.

Spartan Elite division I am coming for you! LOL!

I know me and my team would love to hear about your goals and guide you as you navigate and accomplish them.

Frank "The Tank" Ruggiero, endurance athlete, NASAM certified and Spartan coach.

Frank The Tank

Now we have Frank "The Tank" Ruggiero, a highly qualified endurance athlete and coach, He has traveled all over the United States as well as Africa, China and Greece participating in Spartan endurance events such as AGOGE Africa, China and Greece. 

He is also NASAM certified, Spartan SGX certified and a Spartan obstacle course training specialist.

Frank has always had a passion for helping others, he is a dedicated coach, coach and friend. 

If you are looking for a 30 minute ass kicking he is your guy!

If you are looking to build strength for any obstacle course race, he can help!

So come by, try out his 30 min HIIT class and see what you think.


Tyler Whiteford


He specializes in powerlifting and his name is Tyler Whiteford. Born and raised in Potsdam, New York and moved from Potsdam, NY to Vacaville in October of 2015. 

 Living here for about 5 years, he met his and they are expecting a beautiful baby girl in May, Opal Whiteford.

 His goals as a coach are to teach proper form and give everyone a better understanding of the basic and advanced mechanics of power lifting. 

Tyler enjoys helping clients gain strength through power lifting. 

Ensuring proper form and technique are the number one priority.

As lifters advance he will continue to explain how certain tweaks in technique can lead to better results and bigger lifts. 

Tyler will always stand by his message..., “form first, the weight will follow”.

Tyler has been competitively powerlifting for the last 9 years. 

*Some accomplishments of mine are as follows:

*Placing first at 2 sanctioned meets in upstate New York and Vermont.

Federation is RPS. Held a top 10 spot in that federation in the juniors 242 lb. Class, With a 1325 Raw Total.

*current lift totals are as follows:

•515 Squat

•365 Bench

•585 Deadlift

•1465 Total Raw.

We look forward to seeing you in the gym!