Artillery Outlaws | Gym In Vacaville, California Offers Coaching For Trail Runners.

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Trail Running

Running on trails can be exhilarating, but also exhausting as it requires agility as you encounter rocks, tree roots, mud, and often times altitude. 

The higher demands of running on rugged terrain means that that we ask all our athlete's to take their preparation seriously, if they want to succeed at running off-road and explore the trails.

We have developed a conditioning program designed to get you in the best possible shape to compete off-road and explore the landscape around the world.

Our passion for trails is second to none and we are excited to guide you in your training.

Whether it is a 5k, 10k, half marathon, full marathon, or even an ultra, our coaches have the experience to get your training dialed in for race day.

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Trail Running is a kind of sport that involves you whole body. 

Our programs are designed to start you exactly where your fitness level currently is, and build strength and endurance to crush the trails.

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How It Works

We Test

Our training plans is a unique hybrid that incorporates the 80/20 method. and this requires some testing so we can give you a proper training plan.

A 30-minute time trial method is how we gather the information needed to ensure the correct threshold pace used during training.

We Retest

Because your fitness level and lactate threshold can change quickly, it’s important that we retest your lactate threshold every few weeks and adjust threshold pace in the training plan.

It's Time

By the end of the training program you will not only know why you chose us, but will be happy you did. 

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